Black Leaf

"Where does evil live?"

Due to religious or personal beliefs, we encourage this game concept be taken with a grain of salt. Please do not order if your beliefs regarding zombies, blood, the devil, or hell are easily challenged... although this is just a game.

If the last level crashes your computer (as it did over two dozen times during development)... well, you were warned!

Please remember to follow the reboot prompt after installation and Windows 7+ users need to "Run As Administrator" or the levels will fail to load. Feel free to save as often as you’d like throughout the game.

We designed Black Leaf to be fun and atmospheric, not impossibly hard. Play the living daylights out of it. Happy Halloween!

This game is intended to run on computers with a minimum of 2GB RAM, 2.0GHz Dual-Core or higher CPU, at least 2GB of free disk space, and DirectX 9.0 or higher installed. We would also recommend about 512MB or more of video (graphics) memory. It has been tested, and works on Windows XP and Windows 7. The game will crash in Win7 unless you right-click the desktop shortcut or program icon, and then click “Run As Administrator”. We have been unable to test it in Windows Vista, but there is no reason it shouldn’t work.